Top 100 Founder-CEOs in Fintech (2022)

From Patrick Collison to Carlo Gualandri, these are the world's most successful Founder-CEOs in the financial technology industry

Top 100 Founder-CEOs in Fintech

The fintech industry has taken off, and there are a lot of great minds at the forefront.

One could argue that Founder-CEOs are among the most influential people in fintech companies. They set the tone, and their vision can take things to new heights, driving innovation and growth.

As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the top Founder-CEOs in the industry based on how much their companies are worth (see comprehensive research here).

Some facts about this list:

During this study, we discovered that the hundred companies linked to the Founder-CEOs have a combined value of US$1.04tr; they also raised a total of $76.6bn in venture capital.

Despite overall improvements in diversity, equity, and inclusion in the fintech industry, it was regrettable to find out that only three women made the list.

The study also revealed that the majority of these Founder-CEOs are located in the United States (56%), followed by the United Kingdom (12%) and India (5%).

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So without further ado, here are the Top 100 Fintech Founder-CEOs in 2022: